Let's Discuss Pet Peeves

Johnjay & Rich Present: FORGIVE ME FRIDAY on a MONDAY

Vince wants to mend his relationship with Stephanie after he took some of his frustration out on her but she just wants to be drama free. Vince wants to beg for forgiveness and it seemed like it was working until we found out about THE BOOMBOX? EXCUSE ME?

Another eyebrow raising Wedding Update from Rich

Why don't you have our addresses Rich? TODAY ON THE SHOW, Nic and Noah have a quarrel over Facebook comments?!? Also, Gloriana calls us because she's been ghosted by Gene! Unfortunately, he doesn't want to pick up! Plus, an ALL NEW Christmas Wish, and wait until you hear about Potato Noah! All of this and SO MUCH MORE today on Johnjay & Rich!

Spirited Actor 'Loren Woods' Interview

Okay, so it's NO surprise that Johnjay is obsessed with SPIRITED on Apple TV+... well it turns out he knows one of the actors!!! So we called him! And it went a little something like this!

Johnjay and Rich Christmas Wish - Maria

Just before Thanksgiving, Maria's home caught fire. Her family has lost everything. We want to make sure they get the Christmas they deserve.

Rich's Christmas Tree is NOT SAFE around Payton

TODAY ON THE SHOW, Rich's daughter Audrey has NO IDEA that Rich played her audio for Taylor Swift back in 2012 when Johnjay and Rich interviewed her. Also, Payton was on Grant's podcast, How To Become A Terrible Person, last weekend and they were STONED AF! Plus, Today's Taylor Swift Ticket Challenge, WAR OF THE ROSES, Talkbacks, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: WAR of the ROSES

Sadie witnessed her boyfriend acting VERY strange at dinner and now she thinks he is cheating! It's time for J&R flowers to do what they do best! It's an ALL NEW WAR OF THE ROSES w/ Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay barely survived Afternoon Hot Yoga

SHHH! Now, drink your salt shake YOGA BOY! Today On The Show, WE WERE ASKED TO HOST A GENDER REVEAL so we gave the happiest news to Lisette and her family! Congratulations! Also, OUR VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS WISH OF THE SEASON. Plus, today's Taylor Swift challenge. Are you a true Swiftie? Prove it and you'll win 2 ERAS TOUR tickets! All of this and so much more today on Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay & Rich Christmas Wish - MaryJane

Brianna met MaryJane through their work. They quickly became friends... Well, MaryJane has fallen on some hard times. So, Brianna asked for our help.

Christmas isn't stressful Easton!

INVEST IN THE HOLIDAY MAGIC! Today On The Show, WE ASKED YOU for your 'relationship icks' and your calls were GREEAAT! Also, Johnjay has broken the towel procedure protocol and Payton has a suggestion that Johnjay may or may not like. Plus, an ALL NEW SECOND DATE UPDATE, REMEMBER THE TIME, and SO MUCH MORE!