You need to spend some time by yourself. You need to recharge your batteries before the next big challenge comes your way. You have been extremely busy lately and not even someone with your huge amounts of energy can move at top speed every single day. Take a break today


You may not be entirely sure what destination you should be heading towards but get moving anyway and trust that the universe will guide your footsteps. It’s good to have a place to journey to but it’s the journey that matters more in the end.


Be careful what you choose to say today because you could easily give away information that is best kept to yourself. By all means do what you can for others when they approach you for assistance but keep the talk to a minimum.


The more you try to swim against the tide today the more likely it is you will be swept out to sea. It may seem counter-intuitive but if you relax and let yourself get carried away with it, things will come back around and really workout for you in your favor


Someone you considered a rival, or maybe even an enemy, will surprise you today by trying to be nice to you. They aren’t being sincere. Keep your distance at all costs 


The best way to make your current project sucessful is to get assistance from people who have been there and done it before you. Don’t make mistakes that you don’t need to make. It’s the logical and sensible way.


Today will have you thinking about your long-term objectives, and that’s good, but you also have persuaded yourself that you need to be more aggressive when dealing with rivals, which is not so good. Try co-operation instead.


You seem to be in everyone’s good books at the moment and it will continue but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are so popular that any and every transgression will be forgiven. You still need to maintain high standards of behavior.


If you tell a friend or colleague something you know to be untrue today it will backfire on you. No doubt you can fool them for a little bit but it won’t be long before they start seeing the obvious inconsistencies in your claims.


You need to get serious not only about your long-term objectives but also about how you will finance them. You may need to trim your ambitions a bit – not every goal will be cost effective.


The game of life may be a breeze for you right now but some of the people you interact with, both on a personal and a professional level, are finding it tough.Find out what you can do to make things better. Give back today.


You have received so much positive attention and honestly who knows and who cares how it happens. The fact is a great that many people think you are the bee’s knees, so make the most of it. You know how quickly things can change.

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