Bizarre Minion Stealing Grass In Australia And Taunting Victim Online


Something really strange is happening in a town in Western Australia - a person dressed as a Minion is stealing clumps of grass from a man's front yard, then taunting him on social media. 


The victim, Brad Nicklin, who takes pride in his lawn, told WA Today that when he first noticed the section of missing grass, he knew it wasn't because of an animal since it was clear a shovel was used. He checked his security camera and saw the Minion in the act. 

Then, Brad found himself being tagged in posts by someone named "Carl Minion." Those posts show the grass-stealing Minion with a shovel in hand and Brad's piece of lawn at its feet.

Other posts show the Minion watering a patch of grass. 


Brad, who is able to laugh it all off, thinks it's probably a friend playing a prank but so far, no one has come forward to take responsibility for the lawn robbery. 

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