We Finally Know What Kind of Cheese Chipotle Uses

Chipotle's Burrito Loading Zone

Photo: hapabapa / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Transparently, I've probably spent way too much money on Chipotle over the years, from burritos to salads, I can't help myself! It is absolutely delicious. I've even tried to cut back on my Chipotle once a week habit to save money by recreating the infamous burrito bowl at home, but no luck! It just didn't taste right. After leaving no bag of shredded cheese unopened, we are finally one step closer to being able to perfect our own burrito bowls at home. We know what cheese they use!

Turns out, it's nothing special. It's just run of the mill Monterey Jack cheese. Want to know what goes into their queso? You can find that out HERE

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