Britney Spears' Memoir Reveals More About Relationship with JT

Britney Spears - "I Am Britney Jean"

Photo: Getty Images North America

Okay, I finally have processed the first initial leaks of Britney Spears' Memoir "The Woman in Me" and just went I could speak my truth on finding out our pop princess was pregnant when her and Justin were telling the whole world they were saving themselves for marriage, another intimate detail has leaked about the couple: Britney claims in the book that Justin cheated on her with another celebrity back when they were dating. While Britney doesn't reveal who the celebrity is, it's truly telling how much the singer was going through at the time that was so unseen by the public eye. Our hearts break for her.

There have always been suspicions from the Britney army that the relationship between her and boyfriend Justin Timberlake back in the early 00s seemed "off" after the two split. Not only did Britney experience heavy scrutiny at the hands of the media but also experienced public humiliation while going through very personal health issues.

Her memoir is the first the singer has spoken about the behind the scenes of her career as a young pop star. The book is set to release on October 24th.

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