Ed Sheeran Originally Wanted a Rap Verse on Shape of You

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Fun fact: did you know that Ed Sheeran's song "Shape of You" was orginally meant for Rihanna but Ed was convinced to keep the song as his own? I did not know that. Now, that we're both caught up, you might find it interesting that apparently Ed also wanted Jay-Z to do a featured verse on the hit song.

In an extensive interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the "Shape of You" singer expressed the initial interest of having Jay Z on the song. However, Jay Z respectfully declined saying he didn't believe the song needed a rap verse. Since then, Shape of You has been number 1 for weeks and has gone off the chart, but we can't help but wonder what the song would've sounded like with Jay Z on it! Maybe, a remix bonus track to think about, Ed!

You can read the entire interview HERE. Ed's new album is due out May 5th of this year!

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