Shortage on Adderall Causing Prescription Fulfillment Challenges

Pills in Medicine Cabinet

Photo: Getty Images

This definitely can't be a good thing. The FDA warned of a potential shortage that may last into 2023 on the prescription drug Adderall. I was first tipped off to the shortage on a video a user posted on TikTok explaining that her pharmacist was unable to fill her prescription as they are fresh out of the pill. While patients of the medicine that is normally used to treat ADHD have been warned of the shortage and effects, the impact of the shortage is just being felt this month.

Some of the side effects of ending the use of Adderall abruptly include depression, suicidal thoughts and lack of motivation. Keep an eye on those you love that may have to stop taking the medicine abruptly due to the shortage.

You can read more about the shortage HERE

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