Penn Badgley Calls Out Fans Attracted To His Creepy "You" Character


Penn Badgley is shutting down fans who are swooning over the character he plays in You, which is currently streaming on Netflix. 

In the show, Badgley plays a bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg who becomes obsessed with a woman and goes to extreme lengths to win her over.

 "@PennBadgley kidnap me please," one woman tweeted, referring to Joe abducting people in the show. "No thanks," Badgley replied. 

Another fan gushed, "@PennBadgley is breaking my heart once again as Joe. What is it about him?" Badgley wrote back, "Answer: He is a murderer." 

Interestingly, Badgley recently admitted that he worried during the making of the series about people finding Joe likeable. 

"My biggest concern, to be honest, with this entire project is that if in order to make Joe more palatable ultimately, which I think is some of the task at hand, in making him more palatable, do we risk diluting the very thing that he needs to be, which is kind of a disgusting human being?" he told People.

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