8 ways to celebrate a dad's first Father's Day

Before you look over this story about Father's day, a quick note to my wife, this is not me fishing for goods....I swear ;)

I can speak with authority, having a seven-weeker at home, having a son changes your life in immeasurable ways. With Father's Day this weekend, here is a list of tips for treats first time dads (like myself...again, not fishing) will really enjoy.

  1. Let dad sleep in
  2. Get outside (maybe a picnic)
  3. Hire someone for one of his chores (cross something off that house "to-do" list)
  4. Give him the gift of "me time"
  5. Cook his favorite meal (or order)
  6. Get him a toy of his own (it's all about the kiddo now, Dad still likes video games and electronics)
  7. Have a date (always good for some mom-dad time)
  8. Make a useful memento (coffee mugs, photo book, phone cases).

Happy Father's day to my pop! And to all the dads! (Here's the list in full)

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