Sisanie Shares Her At-Home Mom Workout Tip!

In the latest Twinning Tuesday, formally New Mom Monday, Sisanieshares that Aiza and Maxon are crawling everywhere and growing, growing, growing!

Aiza weighs 21 pounds now and Maxon weighs 23 and Sisanie’s new go-to is working out with them!

“I do mini-workouts with them,” Sis shares for this week’s best mom tip. “I’ll lay on my back with a baby on my shins/legs and do leg lifts with them. They love it and it’s a great leg and ab workout.”

She’s also staying active by keeping the babies entertained.

“They love when I dance for them!” Sis adds. “After they ear, I’ll leave them in their high-chairs for 20 more minutes so their food settles so I entertain them with my epic song and dance moves. They have and smile and clap. It makes me so happy!”

Find out more from Sis in the latest Twinning Tuesday update above!

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