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Rihanna Made $97,000 in Royalties 3 Days After Her Halftime Performance

"...Better have my money. Pay me what you owe me." That's right!

Rihanna made her first live appearance in five years at the Superbowl, also whilst pregnant. The night's setlist featured a discography of tracks spanning her two-decade career. Japanese casino comparison site Japan-101 have tracked Spotify plays of each song performed on Rihanna’s Superbowl halftime show to establish how much popularity her music has regained over the past three days. 

Methodology - Whilst disregarding the songs featured on other artists’ albums, each song sung at the half-time show was tracked on Spotify. The number of plays over three days was calculated and multiplied by $0.004, the average Spotify royalty earnings.

• ‘Umbrella’ is the most streamed Rihanna song since the halftime Superbowl performance, earning $17,780 in royalties.

• ‘We Found Love’ has gained 3.8 million plays on Spotify in the last three days, earning $15,227 in royalties.

• ‘Diamonds’ has earned Rihanna $14,160 in Spotify royalties in three days.

A spokesperson from Japan-101 commented on the findings:

“It is truly wonderful to see Rihanna performing live again after a five-year break. The Superbowl halftime show was a great comeback opportunity for Rihanna; this is very much reflected in the increase in her music plays on Spotify. Having not been paid for her Superbowl performance, as is normal procedure, Rihanna will have gained great exposure, driving traffic for more listeners.”

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Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

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