Here's Everything New Coming to Dodgers Stadium This Season

Baseball season is back! LA Dodgers fans get ready for an action packed season! So many changes are coming to Dodgers Stadium this year. From new players to installations, get ready for a lot of new things. Here a few of them, according to KTLA.

A new-and-improved lighting system is the most noticeable change. The vibrant lights will get us even more hyped up for the game. There is even going to be custom light shows every game! You might notice that the furniture is upgraded as well including the seats. You will also see that The Vin Scully Press Box will feature a new display that shows off a collection of the legendary broadcaster’s awards, according to KTLA.

The stadium is also said to be more environmental friendly. You'll see new water valves, low-flush fixtures, waterless urinals and hand driers. There are also water fill stations to refill your water bottles.

And of course there are tons of new yummy food options too! Check them all out here.

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