Your Texting Style May Match Your Personality

We all have our own personal texting styles that reveal certain things about our personalities. Maybe your friend is extremely slow at texting back while you’re someone who’s obsessed with emojis! Here are five of the most common texting styles:

  • Perfect Grammar: Grammar is great in emails! But in a text.. it can convey that you aren’t sincere or that you take things too seriously.
  • The Triple Texter: People who scatter their thoughts into multiple texts are likely seen as energetic and open.
  • Paragraph Texts: These people “understand the importance of context.” They are thoughtful and always have something to say.
  • One-word responses: You’re either super busy because you’re out living life or you’re the opposite and someone who is naturally more introverted.
  • Emoji Texts: Those who use emojis in every other text are described as “sweet, simple, and honest” and are usually fun to have a conversation with.

Source: Pysch 2 Go

Photo: Getty Images

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