New Hershey's Kisses Flavor!

It's not often that Hershey's Kisses comes out with a new flavor...but when they do, they never disappoint!

Say hello to their newest...Kisses Birthday Cake! The good news is it doesn't have to be your birthday to indulge in this tasty treat.

The birthday cake-flavored Kisses actually first come out in 2017 as a limited-edition flavor and were described on the packaging as “candy with colored cookies & birthday cake flavor.”

The 10-ounce bags features a yellow background with polka dot Kisses throwing a party with streamers. How fun!

This time around, the Kisses Birthday Cake is a bit different as it's made of “birthday cake flavored creme with sprinkles and other natural flavors.” The rainbow sprinkles peak through the white creme so it looks like mini Funfetti bites! And who doesn't love Funfetti?

You can find them now at Walmart for $3.48.