Making Coffee at Home Saves a Lot of $$

With more people working form home, a lot of folks have been having to make due with the coffee in their home, rather than getting their daily Starbucks fix. And while folks might be missing their Frappuccinos, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, one thing they are doing is saving some money. 

But how much money are they actually saving? Well, according to Next Advisor, those who have had to give up their Starbucks fix could be saving a lot, depending on what type of coffee they make at home instead.

Here’s how much folks are spending on coffee:

  • Starbucks- $2.75 a cup or $2,007.50 a year
  • Nespresso- $1.10 a cup, or $962.00 a year
  • Keurig- $.48 a cup or $533.50 year
  • French Press- $.22 a cup or $160.60 a year
  • Coffee Pot- $.03 a cup or $45.90 a year 

That’s right, if folks working from home make coffee in their coffee pot each morning , as opposed to going to Starbucks, they could save as much as $1,961.60.

Source:Next Adivsor

Photo: Getty Images