What People Are Really Doing During Virtual Meetings

Ever wondered what your coworker is up to when they shut off their video during a virtual meeting? Wonder no more...because a new survey has gotten people to fess up to what exactly they're doing while they should be paying attention. And spoiler, it’s a whole lot of things that could have been put off.

For example, over 15% said they’re doing household chores during Zoom meetings. Meanwhile, the parents laid their blame on their kids with 9% saying they’ve been interrupted by their little ones. Here are reasons folks gave for shutting off their feed in meetings:

  1. Frustrated/annoyed/unhappy with coworkers
  2. Pet care
  3. Personal grooming
  4. Walk around/pace
  5. Lying in bed

And it appears as though virtual meetings have lost their luster. About one in five workers say their meetings are rarely productive which can’t be fun for the 50% of people that say they’ve got one to three hours of meetings a week.No wonder people are brushing themselves or their dogs instead of listening.

Source:Fast Company

Photo: Getty Images