Jake's Big "American Ninja Warrior" Announcement


I've been fortunate enough to compete on American Ninja Warrior a couple times now, and I'm honestly in shock it's about to happen again. To be honest, I haven't been training! Once the pandemic hit (a year ago!! What?!) and the gyms shut down, I decided to use that as a break from Ninja Warrior and focus on other things for a while. I went in depth in an episode of my podcast, Like It's The Weekend. Since I hadn't been training, I was not expecting a call this year...but I was wrong!

I'll be traveling to Tacoma, WA at the end of March to take the course! And since I haven't been training, I literally have a month to get ready...should be interesting. I'll be posting updates on my Instagram, daily. Follow along to see how I train and get prepped! Although the first round is filmed in a few weeks, it won't air on TV until the summer. So be on the lookout for updates about how to watch, too.


Here's a quick video of my run from Season 11: