Z100 Portland

E. White is kind of what happens when a bro and a hipster have a baby: super energetic, very loud, but always down to go off the beaten path! Born and raised in Philadelphia, E. was brought up to have pride for his city, and is excited to embrace the Twin Cities with that same love. He always tries to be the plug for all things local, whether it’s a neighborhood coffee shop opening up, or a cool underground art show downtown. If he’s not doing that on air or on social media, he’s probably hoping to make you laugh!

Outside the studio, E. is a huge craft beer nerd that loves exploring every taproom possible. To balance it out, he spends a lot of time lifting at the gym, as he was a competitive powerlifter in college. He tries to road trip at least once a month, and loves documenting his stops along the way. He also keeps really involved with the arts as an avid photographer, videographer, and musician, and often performs his raps on his Instagram! He’s also excited to dive into the comedy scene in the Twin Cities, as he’s always looking for open mics to hit up. During football season, he’s down to have a good time: if there’s a tailgate, he’ll find it. Simply put, much like his idol Kid Cudi, he definitely “rides his own wave” and tries to stay positive and happy along the way.

Follow along on social media @ewhiteonthemic!