Portland F-15s intercept stolen SeaTac airplane (VIDEO)

Audio and video from a wild night in Seattle, as a rogue Horizon Airlines employee stole an aircraft, successfully executed an unauthorized take-off, performed impressive aerial tricks, tangled with military aircraft and then crashed the plane into an island in the Puget Sound. The rogue pilot claimed no previous flight experience other than from video games. 

Two Portland based F-15s raced above the speed of sound to intercept the aircraft minutes after the extraordinary grab-and-go. The military jets did not fire any weapons, though they may have been prepared to do so if the plane threatened the heavily populated areas around Seattle.

Shocked onlookers on the ground recorded amazing audio and video from the episode, including a barrel roll near Tacoma. Air traffic control audio (ATC) of the incident has also been made widely available. 

Select audio and video posted here:  


Dramatic audio reveals conversations between the air traffic controller, pilots and a mechanic who stole a Horizon Air turboprop plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport before crashing it into an area of Puget Sound.


Video posted on Youtube by Seattle plane hijacker:



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