West Linn brushfire lit by nitwit angry at yellow jackets

Lighting a yellow jacket nest on fire with a "mixture of gasoline and oil" probably kills a lot of bees... however it can also start a large fire, as a West Linn homeowner learned today. 

Responding to a report of smoke, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue firefighters arrived on scene "to find active fire covering more than three acres with potential to spread into nearby trees."

Firefighters contained the blaze while also battling 100 degree heat, and another nearby (very pissed off) yellow jacket nest. 

With amazing professionalism, TVF&R Fire Marshal Steve Forster submitted in a press release, “Because of the nature of our work, we uniquely, understand the incredible speed at which fire can spread, but I believe most people are unaware of the potential destruction fire can cause."

Translation: Only idiots try to light bees on fire in wildfire season. 



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