Every Subway Sandwich Ranked

As a kid, I grew up on Subway. Also, in college the five dollar foot long was a life saver. One food blogger decided to rank all of the basic Subway. Here's what was found:

"The meatballmarinara sub was the best of the bunch, despite its too-sweet sauce

I was impressed by the chicken-and-bacon ranch melt

I recreated the classic Subway melt from memory since it wasn't on the menu

I was pretty excited to try the classic turkey sub, and it didn't disappoint

Subway's oven-roasted chicken sandwich was well-balanced

I wasn't blown away by the Italian B.M.T., but its 3 meats bumped it higher on the ranking

The traditional ham didn't taste much different than the Black Forest variety

My Black Forest ham sub was salty but good

I went for every topping available on the veggie delight

The sweet-onion chicken-teriyaki sandwich didn't wow me with its flavors

I was excited to try the steak-and-cheese sub, but it wasn't as good as it looked

I was skeptical of the tuna sandwich, and it didn't do much to sway me"

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