A Tinder-Inspired App To Find Your New Pup

We spend so much time on Tinder swiping for people with cute dogs anyway, we might as well just cut out the middleman and swipe for actual dogs. That’s why GetPet exists. It’s an app that connects with shelters near you to show you the pups that are available to be adopted. Then, it lets you swipe right for the dogs you want.

You can even go so far as scheduling a “date” with your potential fur baby so you know if it’s a good fit before you commit to anything. It’s like online dating, but so much better. There are a few apps trying to do the same thing by teaming up with local shelters to bring their puppies to your screens for easier adopting.

Chances are, most of your dates from this app will turn out okay even if the puppies you meet aren’t “the one.” The worst date with a dog is better than the best date with a human, in my opinion.

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