Guy Creates Wholesome, G-rated Pornhub Channel

Whether or not you’re willing to admit it, you’re probably aware of Pornhub. It’s a popular site for porn viewing and pretty much everyone from the shy gal you share a cube wall with in the office to your nerdy cousin have taken a browse. But if you’ve ever wished you could watch something that was a little more SFW than NSFW, like where the muscle-y plumber actually fixes the leaky sink or the pizza delivery guy just drops off the pie and leaves, this is for you.

It seems there’s a whole channel on the adult site that’s dedicated to videos of wholesome, loving activities, thanks to Ryan Creamer. He’s been making and uploading G-rated videos to Pornhub that aren’t like anything else on the site. He puts an innocent spin on classic porn scenarios with his videos, which include “I Ride In A Taxi And Don’t Have Sex With The Driver,” “I, Your Step-Brother, Decline Your Advances But Am Flattered Nonetheless,” and one called “I Hug You And Say I Had A Really Good Time Tonight And Then I Go Home.”

According to Buzzfeed , Creamer is a 26-year-old comic and writer who came up with the idea after spending time on Pornhub and spotting a “Work for Us” link. He started uploading the videos for fun and hoped that some users on the site would appreciate the break from its usual content. The response to his clean-cut take on adult entertainment has been really positive, even from the sex industry, he says. Maybe his anti-hardcore content is just what Pornhub users were looking for.

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