Jelly Belly Adds Burnt Rubber & Wet Dog Flavors to BeanBoozled

Jelly Bean Pack Jelly Belly Candy Company has added two new wild flavors for the 7th Edition BeanBoozled Collection. The latest pack has black jelly beans that can be Burnt Rubber or Licorice and yellow and brown spotted jelly beans that taste like Wet Dog or Top Banana.

The creators have also teamed up with game makers at Wilder to create BeanBoozled Taste the Truth. The new game lets players discover how well they know family and friends with more than 100 personal, hilarious, and bizarre questions. The gamer who asks the question secretly places delicious beans with the correct answer and stomach-turning beans with the wrong answer. The remaining players quickly grab beans from the side they believe is correct, and their fate is realized once they pop the unknown Jelly Belly into their mouths.

What’s the best jelly bean flavor? 

Photo: Tristan Fewings / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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