Oregon Zoo Discount Days

Photo: Ford, Brad

The Oregon Zoo is offering a week of deep discounts starting this weekend. Admission for Feb. 24–March 1 is $12 per person — about half off regular adult admission. Tickets must be reserved online in advance via the zoo website.

Guests can check in on some of the zoo’s recent arrivals, like Dmitri and Luka, a pair of playful Amur tiger brothers. Orphaned cubs Timber and Thorn have just started exploring their Black Bear Ridge habitat and — if the weather cooperates and the timing is right — guests could get a glimpse of Jozi’s 2-month-old rhino calf. The baby rhino, born at the zoo in December, has started spending some brief periods outdoors, especially on days when the temperature is above 45 degrees and the weather is dry.

Source: Oregon Zoo

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