Angry Dad’s ‘Ugly’ Reaction To Gender Reveal Horrifies Social Media

One twitter user, who shared the video, wrote "Serious question about these types of videos — what do you think it’s communicating to the other little girls when their dad reacts like this?"

Viewers didn’t hold back in their response to @notcapnamerica‘s question.

“It’s so ugly. I would never post the video,” one Twitter user wrote.

“He’s acting like a 2-year-old. I wouldn’t post this at all. I’d also stop having kids with him too. Babies are blessings. Period,” one user commented.

“I think the marriage would be over for me right at that moment,” another comment read.

“Same vibe with gender reveals when dad jumps up and down and gets excited because, finally, A BOY!!!” wrote another user.

Contains Adult Language.

Photo: Getty Images

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