Cats Of The Week: Gadget & Briggid (Adopt Us)

Gadget and Briggid are a bonded pair and they are looking for a quiet home where they can stay together.

Gadget is the epitome of a teenager. He is a ball of energy and is constantly making his foster mom laugh as he runs around jumping on anything that he can fit his body on. When he's not being kitten, he's right by his mom's side. He loves her so, so much. You'll often find them cuddling. However, he's starting to learn that he's not a baby anymore and mom wants her alone time too. Given this, I think a household with a family who can offer structured daily play time will be the best fit. He has a lot of energy and deserves humans who can keep up with his need to run around, etc. Even a home with a resident young cat would work well too. 

Briggid is an absolute sweetheart. She is a very sweet and gentle soul. Yet, at the same time, she loves to play! Whenever I get the wand toy out, she becomes a hunter and is a hoot! Her son, Gadget, adores her, but she definitely likes alone time from him. I think a household that is quiet and calm will suite her best. I believe that she has the potential to be a lap cat, but will just need the space and time to thrive in a new home. Both are very interested in play and will track a feather wand like no other. These babes need a little extra TLC to make them feel safe and loved. They enjoy pets and sweet talk.


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Gadget and Briggid are a bonded pair and they are looking for a quiet home where they can stay together.

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