Rihanna's Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds Museum Is Getting Dragged Online

If you've ever been to a wax museum, you know it's not perfect. It's a tough craft and art form to make wax look exactly like a human.... but sometimes they are real bad. Like someone who has no experience got the honor to sculpt for some reason. Just google some "bad wax figures" and you'll see. Now when it comes to someone as iconic as Rihanna, you think they'd only have their top artists work on the figure - and Rihanna herself approve it... right? Well take a look below and check out some of the hilarious and sad comments about this one.

Um... melt the wax and try again.


who’s this woman? and why is she claiming to be Rihanna? delete rn

This??? This is Rihanna??! Did they create her from memory or??

You can’t replicate perfection

Melt it. Now.

Rihanna where?

How can this be so realistic, but so wrong Face with tears of joy

Clearly they used Lilly Allen pictures

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