Makeup Artist Shares Two Mistakes That Make Women Look Older

A makeup artist, Amanda, took to TikTok to share two common makeup mistakes she sees that make women look older. She said extra thick voluminous eyelashes and powder eyeshadow. She said to reduce the volume and length of the eyelashes by 30% and swap out powder eyeshadow for a winged liner in a soft tone. Well, some women in the comments did not appreciate her help.

One person wrote, :"I'm over 50, I'll wear whatever makes me smile. I spent way too many years caring about what others thought of me."

Another person wrote, "see but you're talking to us older ladies who know by now we only need to please ourselves with our decisions. If YOU feel good....wear it."

Amanda said: "I meant what I said and I'm not sorry. They are the two biggest mistakes women over 40 make with their makeup." "I understand the goal is to distract from ageing, it's doing the opposite" she added.

What do you think of her advice? What is your go-to makeup item?

Photo: Getty Images

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