First Look At 'Avatar 2' From Director James Cameron

Ten years ago James Cameron amazed fans with Avatar, leaving fans wanting a sequel. Now, Cameron is finally giving fans of the film a look at the long-awaited sequel Avatar 2. SEE BELOW.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cameron talked about how actors had to train with professional divers and he announced that a new tribe, Metkayina, will be introduced as well. The second film will be released on December 16, 2022. Following films will be released in 2024, 2026, and 2028. 

Yet, some fans don't think too much of the "first look". Their comments below from a Screen Rant post are pretty hilarious - and some spot on.

"....what am I looking at here? Looks terribly like a PS2 videogame cut scene to me."

"The new Crash Bandicoot looks 🔥"

"Since when did the new Avatar movie become a cut scene from Ratchet and Clank...I sure hope the new movie looks better then this"

"They’re making this movie with internet explorer."

"Looks like super mario sunshine"

What was your first reaction when you saw Avatar? Do you think it's been too long for an Avatar sequel? 

(image from Getty)

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