Woman Arrested, Tried To Hire Assassin On Fake Website Called Rent-A-Hitman

A Michigan woman is headed to prison for trying to hire someone to kill her ex-husband - using a fake website called 'RentAHitman.com' 52-year-old Wendy Wein found the site and filled out a 'service request', claiming that her ex had stolen money.  There's just one problem - RentAHitman.com is an obvious parody site, complete with a merch store and claims like "100% compliant with the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964".

When the owner of the site got Wein's message, he immediately alerted police, who set up a sting operation. She pleaded guilty earlier this month and will be sentenced in January. Wein isn't the first person to be fooled by RentAHitman.com - the owner says more than a dozen people have used the site to try and find a real killer.

Should RentAHitman.com be allowed to exist - even if it's a fake? Have you ever been fooled by a bogus website?

Photo: Getty Images

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