CDC Updated Guidelines For Holiday Gatherings

The COVID-19 pandemic will once again be a factor in most people's holiday plans - so the CDC is sharing updated guidelines on how to celebrate safely this season.

Once again, the agency says holding a 'virtual' celebration or video chat is safer than gathering in person. If you are holding an in-person celebration, outdoor settings are safer than indoor ones - and you should never attend a gathering if you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms.

Masks are generally not needed outdoors, except in crowded settings where social distancing is not possible. If you're traveling, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for both domestic and international travel - especially if you or someone in your family is unvaccinated.

One of the new rules likely won’t be welcomed with open arms by residents living in colder climates. The CDC says it’s OK for people from different households to get together indoors, as long as you open windows and doors to increase ventilation. "You can use a window fan in one of the open windows to blow air out of the window," the agency writes. "This will pull fresh air in through the other open windows." If you think it’s too cold outside to open all of your windows, the CDC offers an alternate option: Entertain your guests outside.

The updated guidelines are up now at

What are your holiday plans for this year?  

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