Get Paid $1,300 to Watch 13 Scary Movies

Wanted: A horror lover for hire who is brave enough to watch 13 scary movies to find out whether high-budget horror movies deliver more scares than low-budget ones. FinanceBuzz is looking to hire a "Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst" $1,300 - they'll even send you a Fitbit to record your heart rate during the scary films!

Here are the movies they will want you to see:

  1. Saw
  2. Amityville Horror
  3. A Quiet Place
  4. A Quiet Place Part 2
  5. Candyman
  6. Insidious
  7. The Blair Witch Project
  8. Sinister
  9. Get Out
  10. The Purge
  11. Halloween (2018)
  12. Paranormal Activity
  13. Annabelle


I can't watch, so scary!

Photo: Getty Images

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