Woman Shows What You Should Wear To Get Out Of Jury Duty

A TikToker's video showing her attempt to get out of jury duty has gone viral with over 2 million views. The user shared that she has been called for jury duty and she's been able to avoid it twice before and said, "I do not want to go". So her idea was to wear something that would get her sent home. She gave viewers the option of four different outfits and asked them to choose which one was worse and would more than likely get her out of jury duty.

One of the outfits was a low cut red top, denim shorts and cowboy boots, a different outfit was an oversized graphic t-shirt with "I love shoes, booze and boys with tattoos", biker shorts, and pink crocs. The TikToker did a follow up video and confirmed that it worked and she was sent home.

By the way, she ended up wearing the graphic t-shirt outfit. Have you ever gotten out of jury duty? Have you ever been called for jury duty? Is this something you would do to try and get out of jury duty? Best excuse to give in order to not do jury duty?

Photo: Getty Images/Mint Images RF

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