The Rock Tells Johnjay To "Sit Down, Shut Up" Over 'Jungle Cruise' Movie

The Disney film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt exceeded expectations by pulling in more than $34.1 million over the weekend. (pandemic world we're living in now)

Globally, "Jungle Cruise" brought in a total of $90 million, including $27.6 million in the international box office and more than $30 million from Disney Plus.

So it did OK. Nowhere near the numbers Disney's Black Widow did, but of course that is a "Marvel" movie. Regardless it was a solid movie. I liked to think of it as a cross between The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean.

With that said, Johnjay (Johnjay & Rich) tweeted out earlier that "he saw (the movie) just for the rare chance to enjoy a movie starring The Rock." And that it only made $34 million. I know Johnjay, and he meant it should have made more. Like it only made $34 million?!

Now this is where it gets good. Here comes the People Champion... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I think he thought Johnjay was making fun of the "low" number of money it made. Let's be honest, pre-covid it would have made well over $80 million opening weekend.

But The Rock responded back to Johnjay saying, "actually we “only” made 60m+ in theaters globally and an additional 30m+ in streaming. 91m in revenue in 72hrs. Sit down, shut up and have some breakfast :)"

Hahaha. I also think The Rock was having some fun with his reply too. He's a good sport, but Johnjay is a huge fan of The Rock and would never make fun or belittle what Dwayne has accomplished.


*By the way, you can WIN movie passes to see "Jungle Cruise" here.

Jungle Cruise’s Dwayne Johnson

Photo: Getty Images

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