Cat Of The Week: Sharaya (Adopt Me)

Sharaya is very sweet, she was shy at first and it took her some days to settle. Once she settles in she loves being pet and will readily purr, and has been known to drool a bit when she purrs. She likely will always be a bit hand shy particularly if she is approached directly or from above, she prefers a side approach and she is not wild about being restrained. When it's her choice she doesn't mind being picked up and cuddled and will purr the entire time, however she prefers to sit by your side not in your lap. She does follow me from room to room and always wants to be in the middle of the action. She has shown great interest in my resident cats and their presence helped to calm her and initially helped her to start trusting me. Now that she has gotten to meet them, I realize she would do best with other confident cats, or perhaps a confident kitten that would match her playful energy. She may, with a proper introduction, do okay with a respectful dog. She will flourish in a home that is patient, willing to give her time, space and understanding. Transitions are a challenge for her and can cause her to exhibit panicked and or shy behavior. If she is given time to adjust slowly you will see this amazing, fun, goofy, silly incredibly playful kitty personality emerge. Given how confident she is in certain situations (the vacuum cleaner hardly phases her) I think she would do okay with older children. She is gorgeous, sweet, tiny and makes fabulous air biscuits. If you want all the playful kitten energy packed into a respectful adult cat, Sharaya's your gal.

Link to adopt Sharaya. (2 years old)

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Sharaya from Cat Adoption Team

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