Study Finds "Lottery Incentive" Didn't Increase COVID Vaccination Rates

All the lotteries, cash rewards and prizes that have been offered to encourage U.S. residents to get vaccinated did little in the way of increasing the number of inoculated residents, according to the results of a new study. The study, conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, compared the vaccination rate in Ohio, which gave away $5 million to residents who got their shots, to states that didn't host awards programs -- and it found no difference.

“Prior evaluations of the Ohio vaccine incentive lottery did not account for other changes in Covid-19 vaccination rates in the United States, such as those that may have been due to expansion of vaccination to ages 12-15," said Allan J. Walkey, MD, senior author of the study and Professor of medicine and physician at BUSM.

The news comes one day before Colorado is expected to give away its fifth $1 million prize in its Colorado Comeback Cash vaccination drawing.

Did the possibility of winning something prompt you to get vaccinated?

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