The Most Common Tattoo People Get In Oregon & Wasington

Tattoos are a common way for people to express themselves, whether it's memorializing a loved one or showing off their personality. Inking your skin has historically been looked down upon in the workplace, but more companies are accepting them today. A study done by Accountemps found that one-third of companies are okay with visible tattoos. Zippia also looked at Google Trends and other metrics to find out the most common tattoo in each state.

So, what's the most wanted tattoo in Oregon? According to the website, residents are interested in anime tattoos the most! Anime is becoming more popular for various audiences in the U.S., but it seems Oregonians like to rep that love on their bodies.

What about Washington? It's a 'fly' tattoo! What? Yup. (according to the study)

To see each state's most-searched tatt, click here.

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