Here's The Best Ice Cream In Every State

With a heatwave gripping the nation, people are looking for ways to cool off. Eating ice cream is a favorite summer pastime and now Food & Wine is giving us the best ice cream in every state, according to their own survey.

If you’re headed to the west coast, hit up Gunther’s in Sacramento. Try the Black Walnut, lemon custard, or one of their fruit freezes. While in Florida, Dasher & Crank has over 400 ice cream flavors for you to enjoy. Located in Miami’s Wynnwood neighborhood, try their top seller, the Ube Macapuno, a deeply colorful coconut ice cream made with Filipino purple yams. Hitting up Hawaii this summer? Black Sheep Cream Co. boasts a flavorful pistachio ice cream, a beautiful rocky road served with roasted marshmallows on top, and great affogatos for keeping caffeinated on hot days.

Check out all 50 states' best ice cream shops by clicking the story link HERE. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

OREGON - From experimental Portland ice cream shop to national favorite in just a decade, it's been quite the journey for Salt & Straw, one of the most consistent (and most consistently exciting) artisanal makers out there right now. The shop helped mainstream everything from olive oil ice cream -- now one of their classic flavors -- to collaborations with top local producers. Many ice cream shops that have opened since 2011 owe a debt to cousins Kim and Tyler Malek, who started out with a bunch of rinky dink machines in Kim's basement, and grew -- in leaps and bounds -- from there. There are now scoop shops as far away as Los Angeles and Miami. 

WASHINGTON - With nine locations in and around Seattle, you're never far, thank goodness, from a fresh waffle cone stuffed with one of America's most flavorful salted caramel ice creams at Molly Moon's. Launched in 2008 and today sometimes breezed past by those (foolishly) in search of the next big thing, Molly Moon Neitzel's progressive operation sources nearly all ingredients locally and offers employees an impressive range of benefits. What's most remarkable is the quality of the rich, dense ice cream, not to mention just how good the flavors can be-the salted caramel is one of the best entries into the now nearly passé genre, with a bracing, nearly burnt flavor, supercharged with kosher sea salt. Don't miss fudgy, super-rich Melted Chocolate, made with 70% dark from local maker Theo's. On hot days, which are definitely a thing in Seattle at this time of year, Honey Lavender is a bright and beautiful showcase for still more locally harvested product. 


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