Local Cat Is Neighborhood Thief, Owner Puts Sign Up In Lawn To Shame Her

OK, well she didn't really put up a sign to shame her, but parents have done things like that in the past. (kid wearing a billboard sign that says "I Steal!".... public humiliation as punishment sort of thing)

Kate Felmet says her cat Esme is the neighborhood thief! The sign she put up in Beaverton is garnering national attention.

“The neighbors in my community know where to look for their stuff,” Beaverton’s Kate Felmet, 50,told Today of the marker, which reads “my cat is a thief” alongside a picture of Esme clutching a glove in her mouth. Dangling from a clothesline next to it are gloves and other pilfered belongings, which Felmet encourages the rightful owners to take back.

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