If You Find This In Your Bag And Didn't Put It There, Call The Police

Sheridan Ellis spoke about it on TikTok, explaining how after going out to celebrate a friend's birthday, she came home and went through her bag, only to find a strange item in it. It was a Tile key fob, and it wasn't hers and she didn't put it in there.

She recognized it as a tracker, usually used by people to help them find their keys in their home, but clearly someone was using it to find out more about Sheridan, like where she lives and where she goes. Thinking quickly, she removed the battery from the device, then shared her video, warning women to "check your purses and stay safe out there."

The Tile tracker is typically just used with Bluetooth inside your home and only has a range of a couple hundred feet, however, it also uses a crowdsourcing feature so that if your Tile passes by someone with a phone running the Tile app, it will alert you of where it is. In most instances, it is very helpful since it means that if you put a Tile tracker on something like your bike and your bike gets stolen, if whoever stole your bike rides by someone with the app, it will let you know that location. However, at least one person is using the tracker for nefarious reasons.

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