Major Stores Pulling Pokémon Cards from Shelves Over 'Safety Concerns'

Two major retailers in the U.S. have pulled Pokemon cards from their shelves over "safety concerns." In separate announcements, reps for Walmart and Target revealed they're suspending sales of Pokemon, MLB, NFL and NBA trading cards starting Friday. A spokeswoman for Target says executives made the decision in an effort "to ensure the safety of our guests and team members." A statement from Walmart says the company decided to stop selling trading cards "due to inappropriate customer behavior and increased demand." In recent weeks, a renewed interest in trading cards -- especially those that feature Pokemon characters -- has led to an uptick in thefts and violence as people scramble to add to their collections.

Last month, $20,000 worth of cards were stolen in Maine, and one customer pulled a gun on another at a Wisconsin Target in a dispute over Pokemon cards.

Have you ever started a collection and stuck with it? Have you ever thrown something away, only to later find out it was worth something?

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