Man Holds On For His Life As Glass-Bottomed Bridge Shatters

These types of bridges are designed to attract thrill-seeking tourists in China.

A man was left dangling 330 feet in the air after a glass-bottomed bridge in China shattered over the weekend. The incident occurred on Pivan Mountain, which features the country's longest glass bridge. Engineers are blaming 90-miles-per-hour winds for the near-tragedy, which left one unidentified man hanging from a support beam near the bridge's halfway point, authorities say. Fortunately, onsite staffers were able to help get the man to safety, they say. China is home to about 2,300 glass-bottomed bridges -- and several glass sidewalks and slides.

When you visit an attraction like a glass-bottomed bridge, do you tell yourself, "If this wasn't safe, they wouldn't let people walk on it?" Have you ever had something go terribly wrong when visiting a tourist attraction?

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