New List Shows America's "Healthiest" Fast Food Restaurants

HealthyBeat has created a new "healthy" list... just to be clear, it is measured in terms of calorie count.

Little Caesars, Starbucks, and Dairy Queen top the list, with average calorie counts between 300-400 per menu item.

According to HealthyBeat: To create this list we analyzed the menus of 20 of the top fast-food restaurant chains in America – and discovered that Little Caesars finished in the top spot, with an average meal calorie count of 304kcal. We got to this number by selecting ten meals from each of the restaurants, and then finding the average calorie count across all ten meals.

We also discovered that Pizza Hut was the unhealthiest takeout choice, with an average calorie count of nearly 2000kcal.


Photo - Getty

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