Cop Busts Carpool Faker With ‘One Of The Best Dummies We Have Ever Seen’

Rolling solo in the carpool lane can net a pretty hefty fine, so many drivers have gotten creative. Unfortunately, cops are pretty wise to trickery. A California Highway Patrol officer busted a guy behind the wheel of a pickup after spotting something wasn't quite right with the person in the passenger seat.

Riding shotgun was a very realistic looking mannequin, complete with facial wrinkles and gray hair, wearing a red flannel shirt, a Cleveland baseball cap, reading glasses and even a face mask.

Joking about the bust on Facebook, CHP Baldwin called the setup, "By far, one of the best dummies we have ever seen," adding, "To clarify, we are referring to this fake passenger. At least he was following CDC guidelines by wearing his face mask."

What have you tried to get out of a ticket?

photo - Getty

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