Seattle News Reporter Hit By Flash-Bang Grenade On-Air

What was a peaceful protest in Seattle turned violent as police moved in on demonstrators rallying in the wake of George Floyd's fatal arrest.

Also below, "Reporter shot with pepper bullets on live TV during Louisville protest over death of Breonna Taylor"

As protests over the killing of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman fatally shot by police in her apartment, continued for a second night in Louisville, Kentucky, the demonstrations once again escalated, with police clashing with protesters and journalists. In a video which has now been shared widely on social media, local Louisville-based journalist Kaitlin Rust shot by what appears to be pepper bullets while reporting live on television. The protests in Louisville occurred as separate protests escalated in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the death of a George Floyd, a Black man seen on video gasping for air while a white police officer knelt on his neck.

Photo JASON REDMOND / Contributor

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