This GIF About How A Virus Can Spread On A Plane Is Freaking Everyone Out

Watch the GIF below and imagine someone sick coughing 2 rows in front of you.

“The risk to the public is no higher than it would be in any area where you have folks gathered,” Dickson told Rep. David E. Price (D-N.C.), saying the air on planes is “on par” with that in homes.

Delta said that “HEPA air filters extract more than 99.999% of even the tiniest viruses.” Experts agree that HEPA filters are highly effective at capturing everything from viruses to skin flakes.

Just for a little example about planes and sick people on board, check out what the Washington Post wrote about a case.

"On March 14, 1977, a woman with the flu climbed aboard a 737 and headed for Kodiak, Alaska, with 53 other passengers and crew. After an engine failed, most of them sat on the runway with the cabin doors shut, and the ventilation system off, for two hours. Within three days, 38 more people were sick."


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