Disney Parks Annual Pass Holder Payments On Hold During Coronavirus

Amazing news for Disney fans that have these passes!

From YouTuber "The Happiest Things"

You know what you can do with an extra $230 a month? A lot. As reported by the Orange County Register, #Disneyland will halt annual pass payments for passholders who have paid for a full year and those on the monthly payment plan while the Anaheim theme park remains closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic… With Disneyland tickets and annual pass prices increasing (AGAIN) just a month prior to all the closures, monthly AP payments can be sizeable, especially for households that pay for multiple passes. For #Disney Parks to continue charging for a service that no one can use until further notice when many have seen their income drastically reduced or lost entirely, it wasn’t a good look. A number of fans took to social media to air their grievances. And, allow me to put some numbers into perspective: I paid for both my and Ian’s annual pass in full for Knott’s Berry Farm. The total cost was a little over $200 total - that covers two people for the entire 2020 season. That’s $30 bucks shy of what we pay total per month for 2 Disneyland Signature Plus Passports. Thankfully, Disney has made a decision that puts much-needed cash back into our pockets And, I plan on putting my $230/month to good use during the quarantine.

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