Get Paid $4,500 To Be Injected with Coronavirus

Need to make some cash and want to know what it's like to get injected with the world's most talked-about pathogen? Then look no further than to Queen Mary Bio-Enterprises in London, which is looking for 24 "human guinea pigs" to get injected with the Wuhan Coronavirus and participate - in what has to be the worst vacation ever - flu camp. You could be one of the 24 volunteers injected with not one, but two, of the Coronavirus' weaker strains. You'll then get injected with various vaccines as scientists continue to search for the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Flu camp includes you in quarantine for two weeks without any human contact, where you'll eat a restricted diet and not be allowed to exercise. Oh,'ll probably be sick, too. Campers will get $4,588 at the end of the quarantine. Do you think people are volunteering for this type of Coronavirus research to actually help the public find a vaccine or because they want nearly $5,000? Would you participate in this lab's "flu camp"?

Another story closer to home, in Seattle, talks about people getting paid slightly less for another testing... (see bottom video)

Photo Credit:EVA HAMBACH/Contributor


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