Wendy's Employee Taking Bath In Kitchen Sink Goes Viral

A video posted last Tuesday on TikTok shows an employee at a Michigan Wendy's taking a bath in the kitchen's sink. The original clip appears to have been removed from the platform, but not before it was recirculated on Facebook – amassing nearly 3,000 shares. The original poster's TikTok has been removed from the platform. "Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant was completely sanitized. The health department visited the restaurant after this incident and no violations were reported," said Christian Camp, the vice president of human resources at Team Schostak Family Restaurants, which owns the branch.

This isn't the first time this has happened either. Last year at a different Wendy's location another employee did the same thing. And the bottom video shows a Burger King employee also took a bath in 2008!!!!!

Photo Credit:Scott Olson/Staff

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